The new and improved Webmail  
Better Email.

On March 28, 2017 the beta version of Webmail 7 is coming to an end and you will  be automatically upgraded to the new platform.  If you have already been using Webmail 7 nothing will change for you. If you have not been using the Webmail 7 platform, you will be upgraded. 
 will change for you! If you have not  been using  the Webmail 7 platform, you will upgraded.  
What's New? 
The new webmail platform provides a powerful productivity tool to help you be more efficient throughout your business day – TaskBox. With TaskBox, you can:
Improve Productivity
Tag and sort your emails into tasks to improve productivity
Turn your emails into categories such as to-do, priority, pending, future and more
Stay On Track
Set reminders and add due dates to specific emails to keep you on track
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In addition to Taskbox, we've added a few other features to help you manage your inbox:

Social Compose 
Post directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from your inbox 
Attachment View
Sort your mailbox by attachments, not just subject lines
Set up meetings or events with Smart Time Finder and know who’s available and when
Login and take a tour to see how your new Webmail will help you save time and get more done!