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    VMS Demos


    Parking Domains

    If you have a domain registered elsewhere and wish to park it on our servers CLICK HERE


    For more information on how to use our new webmail interface please CLICK HERE


    For more information on SYNCSUITE, our new email synchronization and collaboration software CLICK HERE

    Webmail Login Script

    To get sample code to put the webmail login on your own site CLICK HERE for text file

    Control Panel Login Script

    To get sample code to put the control panel login on your own siteCLICK HERE for Text file

    Technology and Data Center Tour

    To get our technology info and data center tour to put on your own site CLICK HERE for text file

    To see how this script displays CLICK HERE

    Webmail 7 Customizable Notification Announcement

    To get a sample code of customizable Webmail 7 announcement CLICK HERE for text file

    Online Presence Builder's user guide

    To get a copy of the Online Presence Builder's user guide CLICK HERE for text file

    24/7 live chat link

    To place a live chat link on your own site embbed the following link

    VMSOL Quick Reference Site
    If you need some quick information, or to search our FAQ Knowledgebase, click on VMSOL.NET

    24hr Live Web Hosting Support
    In addition to our online technical support, we bring you "" featuring live chat support and live telephone support representatives ready to take your call, 24 hours a day!

    For all other technical support matters
    Write to

    For Toll Free telephone support, please call 1-866-245-5154.


Internetnamesforbusiness,, and take a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to SPAMMERS. We host over 550,000 email accounts on over 100,000 domains, most with web sites. Given our size, we do have spammers who attempt to use us as a base for their domains. We are very unfriendly toward spammers and remove them immediately, once it has been verified that they are intentionally abusing the Internet. The primary forms of abuse that we do not tolerate are unsolicited commercial email or Usenet spam, either using their domain or directing users in any way to their domain and assisting spammers with tools, email lists, etc.

    If you are intending to use these tactics for your domain, don't waste your time here, go somewhere else. If you are experiencing abuse regarding a domain that appears to be hosted here, please email We are unable to personally answer each complaint, however we investigate all of them and shut down offenders immediately.

Our Abuse and Spamming Policy